Podcast: NRMC – Soileau & Mason – No ICU Beds Available

Kirk Soileau, CEO of NRMC and Dr. Phyllis Mason, Chief Medical Officer of NRMC provide recent and updated statistical data regarding the Covid Pandemic.

At the present time there are no ICU beds available at NRMC.

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17 thoughts on “Podcast: NRMC – Soileau & Mason – No ICU Beds Available

  1. Field hospitals may seem like a great idea but what happens when the Hurricane hits the coast or the tornado comes or the unbearable heat hits and A/C units go down. You can’t just throw up a field hospital and then what about staffing? Field hospitals are just very short term remedies to a long term problem. And remember, this is just Natchitoches. This is a world wide issue and there isn’t enough national guardsmen to go around. This is a very real true crisis and all the health care workers at NRMC are giving 110% all the way from clerical to nursing to Paramedics and Administration alike. Please pray for our awesome hospital and all the workers and please GET VACCINATED!!!

    • You must not realize those hospitals operate in combat zones. The bring their own electricity and all branches of the military have experienced medical staff.

      Better to just let people die huh.

  2. are the top two floors of the hospital still empty? you have the money to fix what you have, but you are spending it on other properties. Fix these rooms and hire your staff to care for the people of Natchitoches and you may have room for more ICU beds.

    • Jim Drudge
      Last I heard, fourth floor has senior care and rehab. Those two “wards” are being used.
      It has more to do with staff shortage than bed shortage. Nurses are burning out, stressed to the limit and exhausted. They are crying out for relief. So are support staff (respiratory therapists, x-ray, lab, housekeeping, etc.)

      Have you ever imagined what just one day in the work of a nurse( when they are at full+ capacity) is like? Especially in ICU, ER and working with sickness practically anywhere in he hospital.
      Too much work and spread too thin. No time for breaks or lunch. I used to bring a can of vienna sausage and crackers that I could eat while working. At peak times, it can become dangerous for patients. Nurses know when their abilities are overwhelmed and when there is a far greater risk of hospital errors and accidents. Nurses plead with their supervisors and administrators. HELP!!
      You run, instead of walk. You watch and are responsible for the development of life threatening conditions of patients. Nurses must be able to see everything happening to patients, or most everything, and correctly initiate emergency and other appropriate preventive and comforting procedures. There is little space for anything less than perfect, all the time.
      The procedure of intubation and artificial ventilation and the patient approaching death, is a crisis for all involved. Followed by the horrors of suctioning their ET tube. Seeing critical illness is just one small step less than death. You don’t want to be there and you should love your neighbor as much as your self.
      Seeing human beings suffering, getting worse and death is a very difficult thing to experience. It caused PTSD for me after 40 years. Just like cops, first responders and military, nurses can just crash.
      And so, as long as I have been a nurse, there has ALWAYS been a nursing shortage. Hospitals cannot afford to have them leave, but many do leave.
      Seeing a toddler come to the ER after a car accident and watching him die right in front of me, because the damage was too severe can break your heart.
      Yes, we are educated and trained. But we cannot multiply our inner strength. Sadly, we are only human beings with limits.
      Please pray for them.

  3. Why doesn’t Biden have military field hospitals set up like Trump did? Unlike New York we would use them in the south.

    • Jd
      I loved that field hospital idea too. The way I see it, politics was the reason it was rejected. so sad.
      Listening to Gov Edwards’ he said the state as requested federal help. The Fed government can send a group of people to help and that looks very promising. Areas across the state already has this in action.

  4. Once again ignorance can be cured with knowledge! Stupid can’t be cured! Follow the scientists not the politician! Put your life in GOD’s hands! Peace!

    • Well said.
      Except, alas, since we are, unfortunately, all in this together, even Stupid must be addressed.
      Stupid is born of fear–fear of pain, fear of loss, fear of The Enemy (“The Left”, “liberals”, Islamic terrorists, Communists, Socialists, BLM, other races, different religions, all portrayed as wanted to take what we value).
      QAnon, one of the most idiotic conspiracy theories on the planet (apparently invented by a pig farmer in the Philippines), with its constant litany of unfulfilled prophecies, lures the weak-minded who otherwise seek solace in ED drugs, simplistic beliefs, and guns.
      As the Trump Virus (so dubbed because our former leader has done more to propagate this pandemic than any single individual), marches through the country, Stupid screams about “Freedom” while indifferent to their contagious behavior spreading the virus and creating the environment allowing the disease to mutate. When their children become sick, who will they blame?
      Stupid marches on, as it always has throughout history. This disease, incubated in fear, has no vaccine.
      In God we trust; all others pay cash.

  5. Wow, Mike Casey, you finally agree and are positive!! Proud of you!
    What is scary is that we have NO ICU beds here. And most of the people in the hospital are people who did NOT get the vax….How can you NOT get the vax and then run to the hospital for help??!! Makes no sense! Please people, be safe!! This is NOT over and just getting scarier.

  6. Again using the term surge without referencing actual numbers. Now that the director of the CDC has acknowledged on CNN that the vaccine does NOT prevent the spread of C-19 so why the push to use an experimental vaccine? This vaccine is no better and in some ways more dangerous than flu vaccines.

    • There’s numbers coming out of hospitals all over the state. The vaccine does not keep you from getting but in nearly all new cases there very few in hospitals or on vents that have had the shots.
      They are going to start shutting things down again because that’s the only thing that slows the spread. Every time they lift the mandates the number rise ask the Arkansas governor! If people would just follow the CDCs recommendations and stay home for 14 days it would just about knock it out. But no one can do that.

    • Anon 7
      I heard actual numbers.

      For the most update numbers across the state go to:
      the LDH Coronavirus web site- there are percentages, graphs and lots of numbers. From here in La. and current within a day or so.
      There is no reason for you not to know the numbers.

      These are people at the front of the issue, telling what is happening here
      in Natchitoches. You actually quoted CNN?
      You trust the CDC and CNN?

      For another public statement that will add to what you need to know, go to: Willis-Knighton Health Center covid -19 dashboard on facebook. Listen especially to the ICU nurses and doctor’s testimony while working on the front lines of this issue. The best of the experts there is.

      Listen to the problems within hospitals in the Shreveport/Bossier area. They are issuing warnings: for your health and safety and for any others exposed.

      • You did not hear actual numbers. Dr. Mason said 100% of the patients are unvaccinated. Is that one patient? 5000 patients? Nope, she used the percentage trick to scare people. I can not believe she recommended it for pregnant women. That is a huge liability that she put out there without an individual consultation with a patient. Very irresponsible. I expect that from Soileau, he has a financial interest in this. I am very disappointed in Dr. Mason.
        When asked about numbers Soileau used state numbers, NOLA and Shreveport, not local. What tests are they using? CDC has already said they are worthless.

        • Every sentence you wrote is absurd. Ignorance and a solid refusal to face facts is the problem. That and allegiance to your patriotic fb “friends” who are actually bots.

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