NPSB to Release Weekly School Covid-19 Data

In an effort to be transparent and provide the community with the most accurate and up to date information regarding the pandemic, the Natchitoches Parish School Board will be releasing weekly, district and school wide Covid-19 data. The data will contain the number of Covid-19 positive cases and quarantines of both staff and students.

Data will be released Friday at 5:00 pm under the Covid-19
tab. The first date that data will be released will be on Friday, August 27, 2021.

Check the Natchitoches Parish Journal for a copy of the data.

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5 thoughts on “NPSB to Release Weekly School Covid-19 Data

  1. Unfortunately, closing the schools down for two weeks won’t get the virus under control. The kids and students will still be mingling and gathering at home and around town. The only way to give a good attempt to slow the spread is for the entire country to stay at home 2-3 weeks and only leave emergency services open, ie… police, EMS,fire and Hospitals. Then everyone that is eligible get the vaccine. Stop letting foreign nationals to enter the country invetted and then turned lose into our cities unchecked. Don’t you see how impossible it is to stop this virus. All we can do is slow it up and at some point everyone will have gotten the virus and then we can have some herd immunity. Unfortunately, it will be at the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of our friends and family. Anyone who doesn’t believe this virus is real is a complete fool. I hear people say that they are concerned about side effects of the vaccine, and I say, what side effect is worse then death. If you don’t think it is real, just continue to not be vaccinated and when your turn comes to get the virus, if you are lucky enough to live through it , I promise you will wish you would have. Guaranteed!!!!

    • “Lucky enough to live through it?” 99.97% of people who had the virus lived through it. Put down your glass of koolaid and read real reports and numbers. We finally have some up to date data. Those with natural immunity are not getting it again but those with limited vaccine antibodies are getting it more than once. (Yes, I know your cousin’s dog groomers boyfriend got it twice, but did he really?)

  2. Just close the schools down for two weeks and get a handle on this virus. Anyone with a child under 12 should consider getting the vaccine. I wish Wal Greens ran out of the Covid19 vaccine like they run out of the rapid Covid Test. SMH

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