Did He Hear From His Mary?

By Joe Darby

I do not dabble in spiritualism. I am probably the opposite of what you would think of as “New Age.” I’ve never owned any crystals, a Ouija Board or a Tarot card deck. None of that is for me.

But I am fairly certain I heard the voice of my sweet wife, who as you know departed early this month. It could have been a hallucination but it really didn’t feel like it.

A few mornings ago I was sleeping — not dreaming — when I distinctly heard a voice say “Hey,” in an attention-getting but friendly way. It woke me up instantly and I looked down to see my dog Baby looking up at me, like she does when she wants to go out. Had Baby developed the ability to communicate with me. No. The voice sounded very much like Mary’s.

If this experience was real I suspect it was Mary’s way of letting me know she is okay and nearby. And also to tell me that I should get up and take care of the needs of our dog! If someone else had told me that this had happened to them, I’d probably be skeptical and believe it may have been some kind of dream. But when one experiences an event like this one’s self, that puts a whole new perspective on such things.

Another instance of departed souls apparently remaining near us was related to me by my daughter Becky, who sat next to me at Mary’s funeral. Becky later told me that she detected the strong presence of the distinctive perfume scent of my mom, Becky’s grandmother, who died 22 years ago. “Nonnie was definitely there with you, Daddy,” Becky said.

Here’s one more. If one person says they experienced a spiritual phenomenon, you could take it as you will, perhaps. But when two witness it simultaneously, it becomes a lot more credible. When my daughters Becky and Liz were young, we lived next door to their maternal grandparents. When Pawpaw C. grew ill, he would ring a little bell to let people know he needed something.

Not too long after he passed away, the girls were visiting Granny C. in her house. They suddenly looked at each other and said, at the same time, “Did you hear that?” Yes, they had both heard Pawpaw’s bell. And I think it may have happened once or twice more, also.

So, there you have my modest contributions to the probability of an afterlife. Such incidents can give us great comfort. They can also strengthen our belief in the existence of God. Some folks will remain doubtful, saying manifestations of signs from departed loved ones are imaginary or misinterpreted. I am now leaning very strongly the other way.

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  1. I pray you are finding peace from these communications.
    I have heard of this a few other times.
    Embrace the feeling and let our Holy Father comfort you because His beloved Son said in the sermon on the mount: :”blessed are those who mourn, they shall be comforted”.

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