Blind Reliance on Our Wonderful Modern Technology Makes Us Terribly Vulnerable

By Joe Darby

Our modern society is a ship at sea. Without lifeboats.

Our electronic devices and conveniences have become so essential to us that when we don’t have them, we’re in real trouble.

Almost 2 million people are without electric power because of Hurricane Ida’s trek through Louisiana and Mississippi. Officials are predicting some areas will remain in that condition for six weeks — which means it will probably be eight weeks or more.

How can a modern society function without power. No electricity to pump gas into your vehicles. If cell towers are down, you can’t use your phones. I wonder if you will be able to buy groceries if the stores don’t have their computers up and running. The same goes for restaurants and other retail outlets. Your food refrigeration ability ends. You can’t cook anything anyway, if you have an electric range. Of course your house will be stultifyingly hot unless you live in a very old house that was built with cross ventilation in mind. Because even if you have a generator it’s likely you will run out of fuel for it before too much longer.

And even if we had the most efficient disaster-relief organization ever, the sheer logistical problems of getting food and water to every house and home for weeks would seem to be insurmountable.

We are most vulnerable because of our reliance on computers, which I alluded to above in talking about retail stores. Can we even do basic banking, without power. No business relies more on computers than banks, I imagine. And our society, not just in the U.S., but all over the world, has blindly put ourselves in this position, that when we have catastrophic failure of power, there is no back-up.

I’d like to see bankers keep back-up ledgers written in paper, with a supply of old fashioned adding machines available for the tellers. Stores and restaurants should perhaps keep some old cash registers on hand. If you younger folks don’t know what that is, go down to the Kaffie-Frederick hardware store in Natchitoches. It seems to work fine for them.

But being the pessimist that I am, I can see how society could break down into chaos without our usual electrical systems functioning, particularly in larger cities. I pray it doesn’t come to that, and that the repairs will be made quickly, clever folks — particularly store owners — will improvise ways to make to until normality returns and, most of all, that people behave themselves and don’t revert to our more primitive impulses, which seem never to be too far below the surface these days.

We in northern Louisiana are very lucky this time. But our friends, families and fellow Louisianians down south may be in deep peril. I really hope I’m wrong.

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8 thoughts on “Blind Reliance on Our Wonderful Modern Technology Makes Us Terribly Vulnerable

  1. I remember, not too long ago, this country was energy independent.
    Since the new administration took over in Jan. one of the first things Biden did was sign an executive order to end the pipeline. Then follows more promises of more cutting of our oil supplies.
    We have seen 2 disasters in which energy was shut down due to weather- Last winter’s ice storm in Texas, and now Ida.
    We have learned we are totally shut down without power. In peril.

    Then I heard Biden promising to find fuel and get it to New Orleans to help these people a few days ago. Sad!
    Global warming? Maybe it is causing some of the severe weather. My source (the Bible) tells me it is God who controls weather.
    More and more insecurity for us as citizens. God is not protecting this nation from harm according to Jonathan Cahn.
    And as you pointed out so well, tech is another threat.
    May God help us all !!

    • God doesn’t like fossil fuels destroying His creation; that’s why He’s sending terrible hurricanes, floods, uncontrolled wildfires, melting glaciers, and all the other disasters being inflicted on this planet. As well as sickening and killing people who refuse to vaccinate and wear masks.
      He is also very very very angry that people are ignoring His clear and obvious messages.

      • Ishmael
        So what are we going to do if we don’t have fossil fuels? Sure we can use other types of energy, but so far they have fallen short. I am all in favor of replacing fossil fuels when we have something we can rely on.
        In the meantime, if you oppose them so much, then I think you should turn off your electricity, sell your car.
        The whole issue is- we cannot do without our power. The good Lord has supplied us with gas in abundance- If God were so against using these fuels, then He would take care of eliminating the sources Himself with no help from Democrats.
        I am in complete agreement with vaccines and masks and distancing. It is time for everyone to give their best effort in fighting this enemy.

    • I agree with you RN. I don’t think getting or not getting the vaccine has anything to do with the weather or our energy supply. God does the weather and Biden destroyed our energy supply. Some sure have some off the wall thoughts.

  2. Way back around 1950 Albert Einstein said. “ I fear the day technology will surpass out human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. I think we are almost there. HL

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