Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Stuart Wright announced on Sept. 14 that he has instructed his staff, namely deputies assigned to the NPSO Patrol Bureau and other deputies working in unmarked units, to be on the lookout for litter violations in Natchitoches Parish.

Sheriff Wright stated that he has recently received complaints and while riding in different areas he has noticed litter and other illegally dumped items along state and parish roadways.

Typically, our litter crew would go out daily to pick up trash, but due to NPSO and NPDC COVID restrictions, no approved Department of Corrections inmates and reduced manpower, we do not have the resources to send crews out at this time according to the Sheriff.

Deputies will be enforcing litter violations.

1st Offense Litter Violation=$315 fine.

Natchitoches Parish is a historical and beautiful parish that welcomes thousands of visitors each year. We ask that you help us in keeping our roads and communities clean and clear of litter debris.

The NPSO thanks all private citizens that have taken the initiative to keep their communities clean and litter free.

We also thank communities that have organized “Community Clean-Up Days”.

Report a litter violation to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office at 352-6432.

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