Hey, Football Fans: Joe Burrow is Still Better than “Surfer Dude”

By Joe Darby

It’s late Thursday night and I just watched a great football game. And once again former LSU great Joe Burrow prevailed over Trevor Lawrence, formerly of Clemson and a chap who I think if you looked up California Surfer Dude in the dictionary, you would find his picture.

I know, if you’re a football fan, you will well recall LSU’s triumph over Clemson in the 2019 National College Football Championship. If you love the Tigers like I do, we will always cherish that amazing 2019 season, in which Burrow and a great core of receivers put together a season that has seldom been equaled in collegiate football history. I said at the time that we should enjoy it to the fullest because it wasn’t likely we would see another like it.

In the championship game Burrow and the Tigers of LSU took care of the undefeated Tigers of Clemson and their quarterback Lawrence, 42-25. I must admit that Lawrence’s appearance rather put me off, being the old conservative geezer that I am. With his shoulder length hair and demeanor, I could just imagine him saying something like, “Whoa, Dude, surfs up today. Let’s get the woody and go to the beach.”

He in actuality is probably a nice young man, but I much prefer Joe Burrow. So, let’s set the stage for the game that I just watched. Joe is in his second year with the Cincinnati Bengals, so he remains a Tiger. And Lawrence, rookie QB of the Jacksonville Jaguars, also remains a predator feline. So I, and I think a lot of other football fans, were looking forward to Thursday night’s game. Going in, the Bengals were 2-1 and the woeful Jags were 0-3.

Jacksonville was very competitive and took the lead at times during the game. But the great Joe Burrow led his team on a last minute drive deep into Jaguar territory and the Bengals won on a field goal, 24-21, as time expired.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the victory of Joe and his team mates. I am a huge Joe Burrow fan, if you couldn’t tell before now. I think he’s a great young man and will have a great future in the NFL. For the last few years the Bengals have been terrible but with Thursday night’s victory they are 3-1 and in first place in their division. Lawrence’s Jacksonville is 0-4 and I don’t feel sorry for them.

I know a lot of folks have lost interest in the NFL because of the tendency of some players taking a knee during the National Anthem. That ticks me off also and I think it’s disrespectful to all of our men and women who have died defending our flag. But I’m not going to get the actions of a few misguided overpaid athletes deprive me of the pleasure of watching pro football.

I’m a Saints fan and was a big fan of the magnificent Drew Brees . I’m also now a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals. Wouldn’t it be great to see those two teams in the Super Bowl. Probably won’t happen, but us sports fans can always dream. So, here’s a late night toast to the heavenly ones and the big cats. Go Saints, go Tigers and go Bengals.