LSMSA’s 20th Annual Math Competition is going virtual!

For the safety of the school, community and guests, the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts’ 20th Annual Math Competition will be held remotely Nov. 15-18, 2021 (for individuals), and Nov. 18, 2021 (for teams). Both events are free of charge, and are open to middle and junior high schools that are interested in competing on the individual and group level.

The registration deadline is Nov. 11, 2021 to allow LSMSA to mail individual tests to schools.

“Students will participate in two math testing scenarios,” said David Andersen, Department Chair and Senior Lecturer of Mathematics and Computer Science.

One is an individual test where each participant competes to showcase their individual problem solving skills. The second is a team test where the successful schools assign duties to their teammates: solving the problem, recording the answer, and getting the answer submitted.

“Speed and knowledge are both important,” Andersen added. “Besides introducing the Louisiana School to the rest of the State, this competition reminds the local schools of the opportunities available here in Natchitoches Parish. It’s so encouraging for our school to see the enthusiasm for mathematics.”

To be eligible to participate, students must be in grades six through nine and may not be enrolled in or have already taken Algebra II or any higher mathematics course. Each school may submit up to 20 individual tests for official grading and awards qualification.

The competition will consist of two parts: Individual and Team Competitions. The Individual Test can be administered under supervision for one hour Nov. 15-18. The number of participants per school is unlimited. LSMSA will limit the number of paper tests, but teachers may make copies and test additional students.

The live online Team Competition will last approximately 90 minutes on Nov. 18 and schools may have an unlimited number of participants. The specific time that the Team Contest will be held will be announced following registration.

Exercises on each contest come from Algebra, Geometry, and other areas of mathematics. Questions are designed to challenge students with a focus on synthesis and problem solving.

Register your school today!

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