Concerned citizens speak out against Rowanoak Development: HEARING TODAY

We CONCERNED CITIZENS of Natchitoches, LA need your HELP in connection with the law suit filed by Rowanoak Development, LLC of Jackson Mississippi concerning Glendale Subdivision on St. Maurice Lane. The hearing will be in Judge Lala Brittain Sylvester’s Courtroom on Thursday, October 7th, 2021 at 10 A.M.

The Planning and Zoning Commission UNANIMOUSLY voted to Deny this Application and the Appeal by Rowanoak to the City Council was also Denied when the City Council voted to uphold the UNANIMOUS Denial Vote of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Both the City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission denied this application due to several reasons.

The Proposed Subdivision’s “One Way In and One Way Out Street” fronts on the narrow open ditch St. Maurice Lane and could pose problems for Fire, Law Enforcement, and Medical Services when answering calls in the Subdivision. Vehicle Traffic at this location is already congested and unsafe for area school children that must walk to and from one of the three area schools. The Subdivision Tenants would add another minimum of 72 vehicles in the already congested area and the additional traffic only adds to the existing congested problem in the area. Additional speeding traffic on the narrow St. Maurice Lane adds to problems for the area.

Poor Drainage exists in this entire area and heavy rainfalls causes some homeowners to sandbag around their homes. The open ditches cannot adequately handle the runoff of the heavy rain and at times St. Maurice Lane goes underwater in at least two places.

The above reasons for Denial of the Subdivision are the Same Reasons for Denial of Applicants in the Past for Construction!

Over 1,100 Petitions in OPPOSITION to this Development has been secured from Concerned Citizens

along with numerous phone calls and emails to City Officials. If the law suit overturns the City’s Denial this will only open the door to other future developments on St. Maurice Lane that will only add to the already drainage and traffic problems!

Your ATTENDANCE AT THE HEARING IS NEEDED. Packing the courtroom will show our strong opposition to this development.

Thank you,


Note:  See Sheriff’s Notice Below

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