By Tommy Rush

I’ve been to Kenya and Tanzania with mission teams probably a dozen times in my ministry. On one trip while traveling through the Serengeti, I was taught some interesting things about rhinos that I did not know from a missionary friend. He told me that one of the most feared animals in Africa is the rhinoceros. Rhinos are not only big, but they are extremely fast and very dangerous. The only animal in Africa that’s not afraid of the rhino is the buffalo bird. Whenever you see a rhino in the wild, you usually find these small birds perched on the rhino’s back or head. Sometimes you will see the bird pecking into the rhino’s back like a woodpecker pecking on wood, but the rhino doesn’t seem to mind. Rhinos and buffalo birds have a mutual commitment to teamwork.

Rhinos have terrible eyesight and their bodies are often covered with mud and parasites that they can’t do anything about. Buffalo Birds are a major source of help because the parasites on rhinos are their food and nourishment. When danger is in the area of the rhino, the buffalo bird will let out a shrill call, warning the rhinos of what they cannot see. In return, the small birds are protected from predators by the big bad rhino. Now that’s what I call great teamwork!

Great teams are always fascinating and fun to watch. I have really enjoyed watching this year’s NCHS Chiefs football team. It’s not only been fun to watch this team, but it’s been great to see the family teams and community team supporting them every week in the stands. It has been a lot of fun seeing the enthusiasm and energy of the NCHS faculty and student body this year. Tonight the 6-0 Chiefs will have a tough game with the 6-0 Gators of Captain Shreve in Shreveport. I’ve been close enough to the team over the past two years(son-in-law is the head coach) to know that the coaches and players are prepared for the challenge. It has been great to see a winless team last year become a winning team this year! The hard work and dedication of the young men on the team this year has been evident to everyone.

It’s encouraging to see good teamwork at work! It always fascinates me to see a team dedicated to each other and working together to make everyone a winner. The truth is, we are all a part of a team. Many of us play on several teams – the family team, the team at work, our community team and the team at church. There’s an old saying that, “Individuals play the game, but teams win the championships.” Tonight as we pull together for the Chiefs, I hope we all remember that no one plays the game of life alone. We not only need each other, but we’ve got to work together to be a winning team. I’m looking forward to seeing our Chief’s Team win tonight! Go Chiefs!