Parish Council Meeting: October 18

The Natchitoches Parish Council held its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Oct. 18. Agenda items included:

Council to choose between repairing the current dozer to vendor specs with factory authorized equipment and terminate the current month to month lease; to buy the dozer and repair with “aftermarket” parts, doing as much of the work as possible with personnel; or terminate the lease on the existing dozer, and buy a new dozer through a state contract.

Approve the purchase of a security bag scanner for the Courthouse’s main entrance.

Appoint Eric Keel to the 911 Commission Board.

Introduce Ordinance 015-2021 to approve a budget for the fiscal year beginning Jan.1, 2022 and ending Dec. 31, 2022; making appropriations for each department, project, and account and capital budgets.

Introduce Ordinance 016-2021 for the 2021 General Fund including Solid Waste, Criminal Court, Library Fund, Sales Tax, Public Safety, and Highway Funds.

Adoption of Ordinance 014-2021 to amend the budget for Fish Hatchery Road, Capital Outlay, and American Rescue Plan Fund.

Add Brickyard Road to the Capital Outlay application to be submitted to the state.

Approve Resolution 047-2021 for committing certain ARPA funds in the amount of $130,500 in connection with the application of Bellwood Water Systems Inc., Hagewood Water Systems Inc. in the amount of $184,839, Chee-Chee Bay Water System in the amount of $11,600, and Waterworks District No. 2 in the amount of $254,420 for allowable ARPA project expenses related to the funding gap related to the USDA Rural Development funded Water System Improvements and from the State’s “Water Sector Program.”

Provide the Cunningham Insurance Agency with an Agent-of-Record letter for the property-casualty insurance written on behalf of the Council including property, public officials, auto, workers compensation, cyber liability, equipment, and crime. This request does not include health insurance and employee benefits (Did not pass – No Motion).

Enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with NEDA for Economic Development throughout Natchitoches Parish (Did not pass – No Motion).

Enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with “Good Samaritans” including Jack Ingram, Adam Lofton, and Eddie Perritt for Collins Road; Larry Wade for Collins Spur Road; Robert Coffey for Robert Coffey Road; and David Ivey for Provencal-Vowells Mill Road.

Sign a renewal agreement with Donny Whitehead for the lease renewal for the Cox Lane Polling Place.

Advertise for bids for the resurfacing of Bermuda Road with a bid date of Nov. 16.