The Ben D. Johnson Educational Center will hold its 2nd Annual “Neighborhood Cleanup” event on Saturday, Oct. 23 from 9am – 12pm.

The clean-up includes MLK Dr. and North Streets, from the BDJ Center to University and the perimeter of Natchitoches Thomas Apartments. The area will be divided into 2 sections, North Street & MLK Dr, each with its own team and Team Leader. The teams will work together to pick up trash and clean up the sidewalks.

The goals are to beautify the community and engage residents. They are delighted to have the support of the City of Natchitoches, community volunteers and the Reginald F. Lewis Scholars. The Kiwanis of Natchitoches will be volunteering in the garden to help prepare for fall/winter crop. This promises to be an exciting day for West Natchitoches.

Please call (318) 460-7460 to volunteer for the Clean Up event. There will be many more activities to participate in during their end of the year “Continue The Legacy” Campaign in November and December. Please follow them on facebook for all the latest news.

The BDJ Center operates the Legacy Youth Workforce Development Program for youth (17-24) with barriers to getting and keeping a job. The students receive job training and life skills to empower them to lead independent lives. The Legacy Garden provides community garden beds and a living classroom for students and community alike are welcome to come and learn about growing food. The Legacy Corner Store provides healthy and convenient produce straight from the Legacy Garden and offers daily incentives on healthy choices.

From the President and Founder, Claire Prymus, “We are pleased to support young people in Natchitoches as they pursue sustainable employment, a better life for themselves and their families, and become respected contributing citizens in our community.”