Some Lessons May be Learned From the Virginia Gubernatorial Race

Well, dear readers, this past week has been so political that I can’t avoid tossing my two cents worth of opinions into the ever-roiling pot of America’s ever-changing and often disturbing politics. History is being made as we watch, folks!.

If you follow politics you know what’s been transpiring in the aftermath of the big Republican upset gubernatorial victory in Virginia. And the aftermath and reactions are almost as interesting as the actual election Tuesday.

Republican Glenn Youngkin’s close but solid win over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Old Dominion has GOP backers ecstatic and the Dems — well, the Dems are are all over the place in trying to explain what happened. Humorist Will Rogers expressed it very well in one of his famous quips from almost a century ago: “I am not a member of an organized political party,” he said. “I’m a Democrat.” We’ll get to the Democrats’ reactions to Youngkin in a moment.

Youngkin won, I think it’s plain to see, because he focused on family values and the fact that parents should have a say in what their children are taught in school. McAuliffe made one of the campaign’s biggest gaffes when he said during a debate that parents had no such rights, to determine what’s put into their children’s heads.

Virginia, a formerly conservative state, had been turning blue, as they say, and had given Joe Biden a 10-point victory over Trump in the presidential election last year. But McAuliffe’s unpopular stands and Youngkin’s ability to connect with suburban voters managed to turn around recent voting trends there.

Much attention was paid to Youngkin’s opposition to the Critical Race Theory of American political history, which says that America has been inherently racist from the beginning, that it’s still a systemic racist society and that whites are privileged and blacks oppressed.

President Joe Biden’s pitiful performance in the Oval Office also played a large part in the GOP victory in Virginia, and also in the very close-run gubernatorial race in New Jersey. As also did the Democrats’ internal conflicts in Congress and their inability to pass Biden’s huge spending bill.

But leftist Dems maintain Youngkin’s whole campaign was racist and that there’s no such thing as CRT being taught in Virginia schools anyway. But there was enough evidence that some extreme left-wing history was being taught there, as well as in many other jurisdictions around the country. And the whole narrative of the far lefties is that Youngkin’s campaign was evil and to be despised.

The national school boards’ group, dominated by left wingers, even asked the Department of Justice to investigate parents who vocally opposed the teachings, because the parents were possible domestic terrorists. Just how insulting can some Democrats get?

The way I see it, most members of that party just don’t get it. Such distorted theories of history are terribly divisive and do no good to anyone. Many black observers condemn the teachings just as strongly as whites, saying they don’t want their children to be taught that they are victims and that everything is stacked against them.

Another interesting revelation in the aftermath of the Virginia election is the confirmation that most major national media are completely biased against the GOP. They are all but ignoring one of the great stories to come out of the contest. For the first time ever, Virginia has a black female lieutenant governor. She is Winsome Sears and what a great lady she is. She’s a Jamaican immigrant, now a US citizen, who joined the US Marines, as did her husband, and strongly expressed her love for her new country in her victory speech Tuesday night. She is willing to die for this nation, she said.

But that’s a well-kept secret in many media outlets. I read an Associated Press analysis of the election in a daily newspaper Thursday and there was not one word about Sears in the article. Not one word.

This election could be a real turning point. Vice President Kamala Harris unwittingly helped the GOP’s outlook when she said in a recent campaign stop in Virginia, that the outcome of the governor’s race there will be an indication of what will happen in the 2022 Congressional races, the presidential election in 2024 and beyond. Republicans sure hope she’s right.

So the Democratic Party is madly scrambling around, with a few moderates admitting that the party has drifted too far to the left, and some of the far lefties saying that McAuliffe lost because he wasn’t as far left as he should have been. The radicals want to double down on their unpopular programs, like defunding the police, spending many trillions on questionable programs and maintaining their obnoxious sense of superiority by telling the rest of us what to think and what to do. If they ever take control, the US will become an authoritarian country overnight.

But Youngkins’s victory shows that Americans are not quite ready for that. In his win, he didn’t call on assistance from Donald Trump and ran pretty much on his own merit. And that’s good. The sooner the GOP moves away from Trumpism, the quicker it could become once more the dominant political party of moderate and genial conservatism. So there’s hope yet. But hold on tight, folks, the next couple of years are going to be a bumpy ride.