Natchitoches Central High School Class of 1981 Celebrate 40 years

The Natchitoches Central High School Class of 1981 held their Class reunion on October 30, 2021, at Merci Beaucoup Restaurant in the Historical District of Natchitoches. The classmates were celebrating 40 years graduating from high school. Kenny Chalk, the chairperson served as the Master of Ceremony for the reunion. Brunetta Anthony, committee member started the reunion with a prayer, then Margaret Bobb welcome everyone to the reunion. After the welcome, the buffet opened. After the meal, a candlelight memorial ceremony was held to honor the deceased classmates, teachers, and administrators. Gwendolyn Thompson Brown was in charges of the Recognition Awards. Awards were given out in various categories. The longest married went to classmate Chrishell Jackson Evans and Billy Evans, who have been married for 41 years. Joe and Kristy Irchirl won for newlyweds for one year of marriage.

Tina Rachal Dorsey, Brunetta, Carolyn Benjamin Payton and Nathanial Payton were in the running for those who traveled the most miles with the award going to Carolyn Payton and Nathanial Payton. Man with the least hair had three contestants who were Kenny Chalk, Terrell Stallworth, and Anthony Milner. The man with the least hair went to Terrell after a number draw. Freddie Cardino won the award for the person that drives the oldest vehicle which is a vintage 1955 truck. Doris Salard Whatley and Irvin Raphiel were in the category for the most children with both having four children. Irvin Raphiel was the winner after a number draw. Shelia Pierre won the award for the most tattoos. Nathanial Payton won the award for the person that changed the least. Brenda Milner won the award for the classmate with the youngest child, her daughter is 17 years old. After the award recognition, DJ Fab turned up the music and the dancing began. After a night of dancing and having an exciting time, Kenny Chalk gave closing remarks. Those on the reunion committee were Kenny Chalk, chairperson, Gwendolyn Brown, Sophia Turner Thompson, Brunetta Anthony, Margaret Bobb.

The NCHS Class of 1981 class motto is “We’re The Best Under The Sun, We’re The Class of 81”

Group Photo: Pictured on front row from left are Kenny Chalk, Joe Irchirl, and Reginal McGaskey. On second row are Carolyn Benjamin Payton, Abigail Lewis, Patricia Robinson Dixon, James Eversull, Brenda Fowler Milner, Brenda Moses Smith, Cynthia Nora, and Chrishell Jackson Evans. On back row are DJ Fab, Nathanial Payton, Glen Helaire, Gwendolyn Thompson Brown, Bobby Tousaint, Doris Salard Whatley, Brunetta Anthony, Terrell Stallworth, Sophia Turner Thompson, Toyleca Jones Brewer, Karen Snelling Scott, Shelia Pierre, Marilyn Turner, Tina Rachal Dorsey, Wanda Harris, Freddie Cardino, Margaret Bobb, and Irvin Raphiel.