NSU-Natchitoches Campus: Fall 2021 Enrollment

Natchitoches Campus

From a Bank’s boardroom, a barber shop, local coffee clubs to many National Chains that have closed their Natchitoches locations.  One question stays abuzz…  “Just how many students attend school at the Northwestern State University Campus in Natchitoches, Louisiana?”   The following data, charts and reports titled “Board of Supervisors for State Colleges & Universities – 14 Day Count – Northwestern State University” may provide the answer.

14 Day Count Report – Fall 2021 Semester

Northwestern State University’s total Fall 2021 System Enrollment: 10,735 (100%)

NSU-Natchitoches Campus Fall 2021 Enrollment:  3,010 (28.03%) 

14 Day Count Report – Fall 2000 Semester

Northwestern State University’s total Fall 2000 System’s Enrollment: 9,292 (100%)

NSU-Natchitoches Campus Fall 2000 Enrollment:  6,222 (66.96%) 

Publisher’ Notes:
#1 Under the Leadership of Dr. Chris Maggio, the NSU-Natchitoches Campus had an increase of 301 students.  Remember, COVID hit in Spring of 2020 and might account for the decrease in the Fall 2020 Semester NSU-Natchitoches Campus number and the increase in the Fall 2020 Semester NSU System – Other (online) enrollment 7,728.

#2 NSU can provide a worksheet to explain the 100% Taking Online in Natchitoches and the Face-to-Face/Mixed and would report the NSU-Natchitoches Fall 2021 Campus Enrollment of 3,162 (29.45%)

#3 NSU shows “High School” or dual enrollment as Preparatory at all campuses.

Nothing can be solved or repaired without first shining some light on the subject, then accepting that a problem exists and then finally starting the recovery period – Let’s go to work!