Lakeview gators are 27th Annual Don Stahl Memorial Tournament Champs

Lakeview Gators are off to a fast start and I mean that literally. This team is quick and I mean fast on the court. The speed in which the Gators play is astounding and exciting to watch. Every game so far has been fast paced. The Gators average 24 points per game in the 1st quarter this year, and 52 points per game by half time. Needless to say, with that type of speed it is a sight to see. The Gators have started off the season with a tournament championship winning every game by a margin of 32 points per game.

The Championship game was between the Magnolia School of Excellence Mariners and the Lakeview Gators. The Gators lead the Mariners 28 to 9 at the end of the 1st quarter. Alonzo Driver started the game off with the first 6 points from turnovers and added fireworks on the 8th point with a dunk. His actions set the tone for the remainder of the game. Lakeview hit the gas and never thought about the brakes. Andre Sowell added in on the fireworks with a jaw dropping dunk in the second quarter. With the high-flying antics of Andre and Alonzo, the stifling defense of the team, and the scoring ability of Javonte, the half time score was 51 to 10 in favor of Lakeview.

Out of respect for the other team Coach Williams allowed for the clock to be run for mercy. “I hate to stop what we practice doing, but I also hate to discourage other kids as well. I play all my players, but unfortunately for the other teams, we play one way and that is fast,” stated Coach Williams. The game ended with a score of 74 to 20 and championship for the Lakeview Gators.

Javonte Howard was named the tournament MVP averaging 17 points per game, 3 steals per game, 2 assists per game and 4 rebounds per game

Alonzo Driver was named to the All-Tournament team averaging 15 points per game, 3 steals per game, 2 assists per game and 2 rebounds per game.

Andre Sowell was named to the All-Tournament team averaging 10 points per game, 1 steal per game, 2 assists per game and 3 rebounds per game.