Letter to the Editor: Allen-Marthaville Road

I appreciate the extra coverage about the rebuilding of the six miles of abandoned road.  The Allen-Marthaville Road.  It runs from Allen to Weeks Road, takes a left turn, then goes to Marthaville, ending at Hwy 120. I repeat, on this road is no bus routes, mail routes, cemetery, no residents, ONLY one deer camp and deer leases after deer leases.

Someone needs to foot this bill, but not us tax payers. Winter is here. Rains are on the way. How is your rural road? It was reported that I sat for several days sitting in my truck counting the loads of rock going to this road. I did not! I live on the Allen-Beulah Road. Since I have retired, I work in my front and back yard a lot of my time. I saw one white 18-wheeler truck and trailer with green fenders, one 18-wheeler truck and trailer that the truck was all white. One single bed large dump truck and one pick up with a dump trailer. There was also one day a welding truck doing repairs of some type. Plus, two white pick-ups each day besides the one pulling the dump trailer. These rock trucks were making a minimal of four to five trips each day or more. Add it up yourself. This went on for five days that I observed.

A man I know said he talked to a person at the Spanish Lake Dump who said they also ran rock trucks off of the Allen Spanish Lake Road to this same road after stopping going down my road. How much fuel, labor, wear and tear and rocks did we foot the bill for?

It is illegal for side by sides and four-wheeler to rut up parish roads, but that’s not what I’m talking about tearing up parish roads. I’m talking about licensed 4X4 pickup trucks speeding down our roads running over our pets in pursuit of a deer. These deer dog hunters have a good way to hunt everybody’s deer lease. Just stop the truck and let the dogs out and they run the deer off your lease. I am a hunter also. I buy a hunting license every year. There is nothing wrong with legal hunting as long as it is not at others expense.

Tuesday, a friend and I took a run down that reopened road to find the ruts are already starting. There has not even been an inch of rain in the last four rains and it’s taking its toll already. Enjoy your bad parish roads while you can. Two weeks after deer dog season opens, you will long for a road you can travel without ruts. My friends, maybe you need to write someone a letter concerning our roads up-keep and dog deer hunters racing down your road.

Thanks for your time.

Mark Megason