Goldonna News Thanksgiving Edition

Writing the Goldonna News for the past year has been quite rewarding and I have met many new amazing people in the area. It has been pure joy for me. But I have to say that this past weekend when I decided to visit all three churches while they were having Thanksgiving meals proved to be the icing on the cake. Literally.

My first stop of the day was my dad’s church, River of Life. For over thirty years this congregation has been worshiping together and breaking bread together. Every one of the church members have their favorite meals that others cook and they are not shy about making requests. Sunday’s dinner on the grounds did not disappoint with its bounty of Thanksgiving traditional items. There was no shortage of casseroles, turkey, ham and enough desserts for each church member to have one of their very own. The congregation also shared what they were thankful for and had the chance to win a Christmas Daily Devotional. Michelle Morgan was the winner of the prize!

From there I made my way up the hill to Goldonna Assembly of God. The ladies were cleaning the kitchen and packing up the food. The whole church came together for Sunday Service and the Thanksgiving Feast. Soon after the dining hall was cleaned up they were prepping for the Christian group, The McClanahan’s to begin their singing. You could feel the love and excitement in the air. This was my first trip to the church with their renovated sanctuary. On my way out I asked one of the church members if the pews were new or painted…they were quick to brag on the new double padded pew cushions. I couldn’t leave without trying it for myself. They were exquisite and ready for a lengthy sermon.

This means that Brother Timmy can preach as long as he wants and the parishioners will not flee in the name of comfort.

As soon as I walked into my last stop at Goldonna Baptist Church, I instantly smelled home cooked food and church folk laughing and carrying on with one another. This is where I was politely coerced to sit and enjoy some pumpkin pie and great company. Truth be known they did not have to twist my arm very much. I quickly grabbed the pie, fork and plate like it was second nature. It was hard not to notice that it was mostly the men of the church who were cleaning up and serving, not saying the ladies were not doing their part….It was a blessing to see everyone involved.

While I was there I was able to catch up with my old neighbors from my days living in Goldonna and my new friend, Village Alderman, Reed Franklin. I may or may not have volunteered to drive a van of Senior Citizens to Branson in the near future. Needless to say it was a true blessing being in the presence of so many children of God.

All of the churches that I was blessed enough to visit had one common thread. They were small in numbers but loaded with brotherly love. If you are in the area and looking for a church you would feel welcomed and loved at every single one of them. I give them a solid rating of 10 for every rating system possible.

As the National holiday of Thanksgiving comes to an end later this week it does not mean that you cannot continue to live a thankful life. There are so many of God’s blessings that are showered on us daily and they deserve to be noticed all year round. Just driving down Main Street in Goldonna and gazing at the beautiful red Bradford Pear Trees will have you feeling very grateful for God’s beauty.

Don’t forget all things Christmas in the Park will be coming up next week and don’t forget the Saline Creek Christmas Tree Farm!

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