By Tommy Rush

The only thing tougher than starting a Monday morning with temperatures in the low 20’s is starting the week in the 20’s when the weekend was in the 80’s. This past Monday I had to make an early morning trip to the store. It’s bad enough to go to the store before daylight to get something you forgot to get the day before, but having to go to the store when it’s 27 degrees to get DOG FOOD is enough to “make even a preacher cuss.” I didn’t cuss, but I sure practiced my grumbling and complaining.

After arriving in the parking lot, I saw a store employee trying to assist a coworker whose car battery seemed to be dead. He was wiggling every cable and doing his best to help but the only solution was a good set of jumper cables. I could tell the lady was cold, frustrated and tired. She evidently had worked the night shift and was ready to go home. I’m glad I had a set of jumper cables in my truck. Once the connection was made, her car started and she was on her way.

When a car battery is weak, cold weather has a way of draining it even more. The only hope for a drained battery is a “Jump Start.” After living in Indiana a few years, I’ve learned it’s always good to keep good jumper cables in my truck. I’ve also learned that nothing really helps a drained battery until it gets connected to a charged one. Some batteries are dead but if there’s any life at all a good jolt from jumper cables will transfer the energy needed to revive it.

There’s a lot of drained people in the world today. So many people are depleted physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. Many are turning the key over and over hoping to get things re-energized but the sad reality is this only drains out the little bit of energy and strength they have left. The best solution for a weak battery is connecting it with a charged battery. The only hope for a drained life is making a good connection with a hope filled life. That’s why God calls us to encourage each other. It’s amazing how a person with joy in their life can jump start someone who needs joy in theirs. A person who has strong faith can jump start someone whose faith is low. We have all seen how confidence and courage influences confidence and courage in others.

2022 is a great year to commit your life to becoming a good Human Jumper Cable. It’s not hard to find someone in need of a “jump start.” The truth is there will be some cold days when we will be the one in need of the “jump.” Proverbs 11:25 is a good verse to think about as we begin not only a new year but every new day (especially the cold ones) “He who refreshes others, refreshes himself.”