School Board holds brief meeting

The Natchitoches Parish School Board held a brief meeting on Jan. 13. Finance Director Lee Waskom said the Tax Commission report shows that the district has sustained a cumulative growth of 16.3% growth, which he’s very happy about. This is a $1.5 million increase over last year’s collections at this time and only a 10% increase was budgeted so Waskom said he’ll most likely be bringing an update before the board at a future date.

Agenda items:

Approve permission to advertise for bids for the asbestos removal and demolition of Cloutierville Elementary School and declare any and all content as surplus (Needs at least $300,000 to occupy it).

Approve permission to advertise for bid for NCHS culinary/commercial kitchen equipment.

Adopt the Resolution to canvass the returns of the December 11, 2021 for Consolidated Districts 8 and 10 millage renewal

Adopt the Resolution calling for the Election for April 30, 2022

Approve adoption of LSBA as NPSB’s policy service. This is something that would start in the next few months and culminate in July of 2023.

Approve Compensation Guideline/Overtime Policy (GBAA) according to Legislative updates.

Approve Retirement Policy according to Legislative updates.