Lakeview Senior night – Tonight

Lakeview Gators are rolling along pretty good with only a few bumps in the road, two to be exact. Lakeview is currently wrapping up their season and has an astonishing record of 24 wins and 2 losses. With only 6 more scheduled games to play, it is safe to say that this season has been a good one. But all good things must come to an end, and it is sad to see these special seniors conclude a great season.

Lakeview, like many other teams across the state and country, celebrates these seniors and their four-year commitment to basketball with a senior night dedication game. Senior night for these young men will be Tuesday, Feb. 1 against district rival and #8 ranked Many High School. The last time the two teams met, Lakeview pulled out what seemed to be a close one, 51 to 47. Many High School, like every other team in the district, is formulating a game plan to take down the Gators and Lakeview better be ready.

“Our seniors have a lot of emotions running through their head senior night, to compound it with a tough game is even harder on them,” stated Coach Brian Williams. “But at Lakeview, with all these country boys, we got a saying, don’t worry about the mule, just load the wagon. These kids are so resilient and fight so many battles daily but manage to leave it all on the court, and that’s what makes this team special.”

Cameron Holden has played basketball for Lakeview since the 7th grade. He officially earned a starting spot his junior year and never looked back.

“Cameron is our Chris Paul, he keeps us grounded,” stated coach Williams.

Cameron leads the team in assists and is the floor general for these Gators. Cameron will conclude his senior year as the starting point guard on one of the best teams to play at Lakeview.

Devonte Rice has played basketball for Lakeview since 10th grade. Devonte was a transfer in and has adapted to the Gators style of play like a fish in water, or a Gator, go figure. Devonte has worked hard for every minute of playing time he receives. Devonte continues to work hard to be the best senior he can be.

“Devonte may not get all the playing time he wishes for, but he is learning some valuable life skills throughout this process,” stated Coach Williams. “Devonte has weak moments, as we all do, but he continues to work every day in practice regardless of playing time. That speaks volumes to his character as a man, which is way more important than just being a student-athlete.”

Javonte Howard has played basketball for Lakeview since the 7th grade as well. He officially earned a starting spot his sophomore year as a defensive stopper. Javonte worked and worked and never left the lab (Gym). When all his experimenting was over, he returned his Junior year with a vengeance to not only be a defensive stopper, but an offensive threat as well. Javonte’s junior year was a breakout season with Javonte leading the team in scoring, district MVP, All area, and All state honors.

“Talk about a great off-season,” stated Coach Williams. “My expectation as a coach was that we are rebuilding; Javonte’s expectation was that we are reloading. This kid stepped up in a major way and carried a very young team to Top 28. This year he amazes me even more. With super stardom comes egos, but not this young man. He has graciously taken a back seat to his teammates success and his stats have suffered, but not his game. The team is better because of his unselfishness and that makes him great.”

“I just want to win,” stated Javonte Howard. “If I get to rebound, I rebound. If I get to shoot, I shoot. If I get to defend, I lock up. The only stat that matters to me is the dub.”

Come out and support these three young men to conclude a special chapter in their life. This season will be remembered by many but cherished by these three. Best wishes to the Gators and the three seniors on their successful season. Tip off for (#8) Many High Tigers at (#1) Lakeview High Gators is 6pm.