Natchitoches ARC: Caring for individuals with disabilities

Natchitoches ARC is a Home and community-based center for individuals with disabilities. We provide day habilitation services with scheduled activities in a non-residential setting. We also have pre-vocational services which are focused on job readiness activities such as career exploration and Job discovery as an expansion to pre-vocational. We also provide supported employment services that offer opportunities such as specialized support for our clientele.

N.A.R.C. has been serving the Natchitoches parish area for 59 years and was founded in 1963. Our clients have participated in Special Olympics and have participated in community activities that helped to enrich our clients’ lives. As a nonprofit, we are always looking to the community for support. We had NARC that is always looking for volunteers to teach classes or activities to participate in and if you don’t have time to give, please consider making a donation to help fund our activities.