Parish Council holds Feb. 23 meeting

The Natchitoches Parish Council held its regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 23. Agenda items included:

  • Confirm the reappointment of Steven Newbury to the Natchitoches Parish Fire District #4 Board
  • Confirm appointment of Mario Fox to the Natchitoches Parish Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Confirm the reappointment of Ricky LaCour to the Natchitoches Parish Tourist Commission
  • Confirm the reappointment of Gary Conlay as representative on the Northwest Louisiana Human Services District Board of Directors
  • Confirm reappointment of Jospeh Bynog to the Natchitoches Parish Fire District 6 Board
  • *TABLED* Approve adoption of Ordinance 020-2021 to put Quitman Mitchem Road back into the Parish Road system. The new road is now named Donald Tynes Road.
  • *NO ACTION TAKEN* Name Risk Services to be the Parish Agent of Record for auto, inland marine, workers comp, all except health coverages.
  • Introduction of Ordinance 005-2022 for transferring the Parish of Natchitoches interest in the old Campti Bank building to be given back to the Town of Campti
  • Introduction of Ordinance 006-2022 to amend, correct and re-adopt Residential Development Permit Fees of Ordinance 08-2014
  • Introduction of Ordinance 007-2022 to amend the minimum acreage and requested documentation for subdividing property in Natchitoches Parish and all its participating municipalities
  • Introduction of Ordinance 008-2022 allowing the Parish President to enter into a franchise agreement with all utility providers serving locations within Natchitoches Parish as allowed by law. And furthermore, to allocate all new franchise monies to be dedicated to the Highway fund
  • Adopt Ordinance 002-2022 for the abandonment of Ashley Lane
  • Adopt Ordinance 001-2022 to affect a zoning change from an IA District to a Residential-1 (R-1) District for the purpose of subdividing three tracts of land into residential lots from an approximately 257-acre parent tract by Lambre’s Gin.
  • *NO ACTION TAKEN* Adopt Ordinance 003-2022 for transferring the Parish of Natchitoches interest in the old Marthaville Hospital Building to be given back to the Marthaville Heritage Society.
  • *NO ACTION TAKEN* Adopt Ordinance 004-2022 to remove section 1.11 “The Recording Policy” from the Natchitoches Parish Personnel Manual (which forbids Parish employees from recording without the approval of a supervisor).
  • Resolution 003-2022 and 004-2022 committing certain matching funds in connection with the application of the Sandy Point Water System and the Creston Water System for project funding from the State of Louisiana’s “Water Sector Program.” The Parish has to commit by 12-31-24. The program has to be in place by 12-31-23. The Parish’s participation in this endeavor is contingent on each individual system attaining its own portion of the necessary funding.
  • Resolution 008-2022 committing ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds in connection with the rehabilitation of Hart Road and Harmony Road (approximately $5.6 million)
  • Resolution 009-2022 in support of the Parish President submitting an application to the Local Government Assistance Program for the fiscal year 2021-2022
  • Resolution 010-2022 to authorize the Parish President to sign resolutions approving the Highway Department to do work within the following municipalities/villages on Parish Roads: Clarence, Campti, Robeline, Provencal, Powhatan, Goldonna, Natchez, and Ashland
  • Enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Office of Community Development with regards to the East Natchitoches Drainage Project and to approve the hiring of Meyer, Meyer, LaCroix and Hixon as the engineers for the project.
  • *NO ACTION TAKEN* Sign and execute a lease agreement with Northwest Louisiana Game and Fish Preserve Commission for the use of property located off Hwy. 1227 at Allen Dam Site in Natchitoches Parish as a Controlled Bin Station Site
  • Enter into a 36-month lease with Louisiana CAT for a dozer for the Highway Department

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