Jurors will now come from Lake Charles in Hanna Barker Death Penalty Case

In a hearing this afternoon, counsel for the defense and the State jointly moved the court to change the location for juror selection in the Hanna Barker case from Opelousas in St. Landry Parish, to Lake Charles in Calcasieu Parish citing the need for use of a courtroom instead of an event center as would have been the case in Opelousas. The court accepted the agreement and ordered the change. However, in doing so, the April 25, 2022 trial date had to be changed also, now scheduled for June 6, 2022. Barker is charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the death of toddler son, Levi Ellerbe in 2018.

Shreveport attorney Dhu Thompson is representing Hanna Barker and representing the State is Special Prosecutor Cliff Strider. The presiding judge is Desiree Duhon Dyess.