NSU Associate Professor receives Outstanding Educator Award

Dr. Eddie Horton, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems at Northwestern State University received the Outstanding Educator Award for 2021-2022 at a Federation of Business Disciplines Conference, held March 2-5 in New Orleans. The FBD is composed of 10 different associations. One of which, the Association of Business Information Systems, Dr. Horton is the outgoing president of.

Faculty members from NSU’s School of Business attend the conference regularly. Dr. Horton presented a paper he worked on with his peers, Daniel Gordy and Danny Upshaw, titled “Apple’s NeuralHash: An Exploration of Security, Public Trust, and Law.”

Dr. Horton said he was honored to receive the award and was so glad to return to the conference. He last attended one in Texas in 2020. He and other NSU faculty members received word that NSU was shutting down for the pandemic. What started as one week turned into two years.

As an instructor who loves to foster independence in his students by giving them the tools they need to find solutions on their own terms, Dr. Horton said being back in the classroom is weird, but he loves it.

“Covid took a lot out of a lot of teachers,” he explained. “Communication between faculty and students has been really difficult through the pandemic and I’m just honored to have been nominated by my peers for this award.”

Horton’s focus area includes networking, network security and forensics. He oversees the Cisco certification at NSU as well as the CompTIA certifications. He has teaching experience with both online and traditional classes. Horton works directly with industry and education to grow current programs at NSU and provide graduates who meet employer’s needs.