Village of Natchez receives $540,000 in Clean Water funding for wastewater system improvements

BATON ROUGE – With assistance from LDEQ, the Village of Natchez in Natchitoches Parish will be soon be addressing long-standing issues with its waste water system. On Friday, March 4, LDEQ Secretary Dr. Chuck Carr Brown presented Village of Natchez Mayor Rosia Humphery with a facsimile check represented a $540,000 loan through the Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund managed by LDEQ. The loan was closed Feb. 18.

“In the world of wastewater funding, this is a modest loan,” Brown said. “But in the real world, the tangible good for the people of the Village of Natchez is immense.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you” Humphery said. The mayor said the infusion of funds will be a godsend for the village’s aging waste water treatment system. “I am so tired of running out at night trying to get everything working.”

The loan is intended to fund collection system improvements and projects including smoke testing, closed circuit television inspections, repairs to existing gravity mains and manholes, rehabilitations to two existing lift stations (replacing pumps, piping, etc.) and recoating of all other existing lift station wet wells. The Village would also like to make improvements to its waste water treatment plant – including replacing mechanical screen, replacing chlorine feeders, and installing de-chlorination feeders, as well as several other needed repairs.
The CWSRF loan includes 100 percent forgiveness of the principal.

LDEQ Secretary Dr. Chuck Carr Brown, left, and LDEQ Assistant Secretary for Assessment Roger Gingles, right, present a facsimile check to Village of Natchez Mayor Rosia Humphery at LDEQ Headquarters on March 4