Parish Council Agenda for March 21 Meeting – Tonight

There will be a regularly scheduled meeting of the Natchitoches Parish Council Monday, March 21 at 5:30 p.m. The meeting will take place in the Council Board Room, #211 on the 2nd Floor of the Courthouse.

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Council to confirm the appointment of Mr. Gregory Brock on the Saline Lake Game and Fish Preserve Board of Commissioners.

First Introduction of proposed Ordinances:

Council to consider an Adoption of Ordinance 009-2022 to remove section 1.11 The Recording Policy from the Natchitoches Parish Personnel Manual due to being unconstitutional and by the Revised Statute.

Public Hearings:

Council to consider an Adoption of Ordinance 006-2022 to amend, correct and re-adopt Residential Development Permit Fees of Ordinance 8-2014.

Council to consider an Adoption of Ordinance 007-2022 An Ordinance to amend the minimum acreage and requested documentation for subdividing property in Natchitoches Parish and all its participating municipalities.

Council to consider an Adoption of Ordinance 008-2022 allowing the Parish President to enter into a franchise agreement with all utility providers serving locations within Natchitoches Parish as allowed by law. And furthermore, to allocate all new franchise monies to be dedicated to the Highway fund.

Other Agenda Items:

Council to consider authorizing the Parish President to distribute a Request for Proposals for procuring the services of a geotechnical testing firm for borings and soil testing to assist the Parish Engineer in the pavement design for the resurfacing of Hart Road and Harmony Road, at an estimated cost not to exceed $20,000 and, following evaluation of the proposals received, to select the proposal that is in the Parish’s best interests based on the proposed cost and estimated delivery date, and to execute a contract with the selected firm.