Some of Our Loonies Think the Ukraine Invasion is a Sham

By Joe Darby

Just when I think some Americans can’t get any crazier, I read a string of comments on Facebook that purport to inform us that the whole Ukraine thing is just a put up job.

Never mind the 3 million people that have fled that country in the wake of the Russian invasion. Never mind the hours of footage showing destroyed buildings and neighborhoods. Never mind the threats of Russian President Putin to deploy nuclear weapons.

Nah, all of that is just a scam by the media, we are told. You see, Ukrainian President Zelinsky is blackmailing Biden. How exactly that would work is not really gone into in detail, but even if some of the reports on the invasion are true, they say Russia is only defending itself. Ukraine is corrupt and is hosting American biolabs that would be used to attack Russia. Yeah, that’s what they are saying. And isn’t it strange that we’re not seeing any footage from personal phones? Wouldn’t they be showing damage and destruction, if they were real?

Well, perhaps because cell phone service is not available in a country that’s been bombed all to hell, would be my answer. And how all the media, ranging from the ultra leftist MSNBC to the ultra conservative Fox News, got together to cooperate on this gigantic scam is kind of hard for me to figure out.

The purpose of fomenting this huge farce also escapes me. Can any of them explain why the media and the evil politicians would spend millions of dollars on such a fantasy, and to what purpose? I’m sure they could give me reasons, but they would be just as laughable as their claims that Ukraine is untouched by Russian attacks.

I’ve heard of many conspiracy theories in my life, including the one, of course, that the moon landings never happened, that they were all produced in a Hollywood studio. Again, the purpose behind that farce is rather hard to figure out also.

But this new theory, that Russia’s war is not happening, is the most ridiculous, the most cruel and the most stupid that I have ever seen.

I have a proposition for one of these crazies. Travel to Ukraine as soon as possible. If you get there and find that everything is just fine and dandy, I’ll pay all of your expenses for the trip, plus $1,000. Go to Poland first to make sure no refugees are there. Then take pictures in downtown Kiev that show all the buildings intact. Check the hospitals and schools for damage. Record interviews with Ukrainian citizens, who I suppose would ask you, “War? What war?”

Do that for me, dude. Or shut the hell up with your madness.