Natchitoches Central State Powerlifting Results

The Natchitoches Central Powerlifting program competed at the State Championships on Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26. The ladies competed on Friday and defending State 132 lb. Champion Mackenzie Johnson won for a consecutive year at 132 lbs. She broke the state divisional deadlift record as well with a 365 lb. lift. Johnson totaled 880 lbs. while squatting 355 lbs., benching 160 lbs., and deadlifting 365 lbs.

Jayda White tried to defend her 123 lb. State Championship from last year but fell just short by coming in 2nd place.She had some tough competition, and did well, but it just didn’t work out in the end. Nevertheless she is a champion to her coaches and teammates. White squatted 315 lbs., benched 140 lbs., and deadlifted 310 lbs.

Taylor Eubanks placed 4th in the 105 lb. weight class at her first ever trip to the State Championships. She was the last spot out last year, so having the opportunity to go and prove she belongs did a lot for the future of the school’s weightlifting program.

Other lady lifters were a mix of seniors and new lifters. Branteal Layton placed 6th at SHW, Makenzie Rachal placed 7th at 123 lbs., Dinah Ellzey placed 7th at 220, Deitra Jackson placed 10th at 114 lbs.

Olutunmike Adeleye also competed at SHW, where she was awarded All-State 5A Academic award at the meet.

Mackenzie Johnson received 1st team All-State, while Jayda White received 2nd team All-State. The ladies ended up with 16 pts, and in 8th place overall in 5A out of 29 teams. A very strong group will remain for next year while we lose four of our state lifters from this season.

The boys team participated on Saturday with five lifters.

Dillan Young, one year removed from the last spot out and not making it last year became a State Champion at SHW this year. Totaling 1,635 lbs. in three lifts, Young conquered and enjoyed what he had been working for since last year. Squatting 705 lbs., Benching 360 lbs., and deadlifting 570 lbs. he also made 1st team All-State.

Nathan Lovemore was also one spot removed from making state in last year’s campaign, and he used that to fuel his training this year and he took it to a new level. At 132 lbs. Lovemore, a Sophomore, came within one lift of winning the State Championship but couldn’t quite finish the lift. He placed 2nd place with a 435 lb. squat, 250 lb. bench, 425 lb. deadlift for a total of 1,110.

James Jackson for the second year in a row, placed 3rd at 242 lbs. weight class. He didn’t get what he wanted, but he improved drastically to get that chance. Jackson made new personal records in his squat (635 lbs.) and his bench (400 lbs.). He totaled 1,550 lbs., but the competition was very tough.

Hayden Jackson placed 6th in a very competitive 220 lb. weight class. His first year to compete at the state level, he obtained new personal records, but ultimately it wasn’t enough just yet. He totaled 1,420 lbs.

Ethan Hudson competed at 123 lbs, but the Central Regional Champion couldn’t quite finish his lifts that day. It was a hard day for him as he cut a lot of weight prior to the weigh-ins, and it was just too much for him to recover properly for this type of meet. He got experience at the state level, and will take what was learned and come back better and more prepared the next time around. He is a great kid and will be back.

The boys’ team, who were Central Regional Champions, had four lifters to score 17 pts at the meet, which was 4th overall. Not bad considering there were 38 other 5A programs representing and the small NCHS group was in the top five. A great sign that if they can get more boys on board, the school’s powerlifting team can be a championship contender. Dillan Young won 1st team All-State, Nathan Lovemore won 2nd team All-State, and James Jackson won 3rd team All-State.

Lady Medal Winners:
1st place Mackenzie Johnson, 2nd place Jayda White

Boy Medal Winners:
2nd place Nathan Lovemore, 1st place Dillan Young, Coach John Daugherty, 3rd place James Jackson

Girls Team photo: Coach Chaz Carter, Coach Jon Paul Henderson, Jayda White, Branteal Layton, Taylor Eubanks, Olutnmike Adeleye, Deitra Jackson, Dinah Ellzey, Mackenzie Johnson, Makenzie Rachal, Coach John Daugherty, Coach Fred Jackson.

Boys Team photo: Coach Chaz Carter, Luke Robertson, Hayden Jackson, Nathan Lovemore, Dillan Young, Ethan Hudson, James Jackson, Coach John Daugherty, Coach Fred Jackson, Coach Jon Paul Henderson.