Natchitoches Police Department Announces Promotions and Commendations

The Natchitoches Police Department met at the Council Chambers on April 22 to announce promotions and commendations.

Below is the list of promotions and commendations:

• Kevin Price was promoted to Lieutenant.
• Emily Heiman was promoted to Sergeant.
• Christine Stackhouse was promoted to Corporal.
• John Greely was promoted to Corporal.
• Taylor Owens was promoted to the Supervisor of Police Records.
• Brittanie Thomas was promoted to Records Clerk.

Lieutenant Kevin Price and Corporal Tim Lee were both awarded the Life Saving Award for rendering aid to a gunshot victim while waiting on paramedics to arrive.  The Life Saving Award is given to an officer who is credited with taking physical action that results in a life being saved from certain death.

Lieutenant Jessica Williams, Sergeant Emily Heiman and Corporal John Greely were awarded with the Negotiator Service Ribbon.  This ribbon is worn by any certified police negotiator who is an active member of the Natchitoches Police Department’s Crisis Negotiations Team.

Sergeant Emily Heiman was awarded with the Field Training Coordinator Service Ribbon.  The Field Training Coordinator is the senior Field Training Officer responsible for the field training and mentoring within the agency. 

If you would like to report suspicious activity please contact the Natchitoches Police Department at (318) 352-8101.  Remember all information given shall remain confidential. 

How to report an anonymous tip via Natchitoches Crime Stoppers:

You can also report a tip anonymously by calling Natchitoches Crime Stoppers at (318) 238-2388.  All tips remain confidential and the caller can receive a cash reward up to $2,000 for the arrest of an offender.