NSU: Budget Controls regarding debt

All Faculty and Staff,

NSU’s legal counsel has requested that the University disseminate the below reminder concerning contracts, commitments, and any other means of incurring debt on behalf of NSU.

All University employees are reminded that all agreements requiring a signature should be vested by the President or approved delegate and reviewed by the Purchasing Office and/or Legal Counsel prior to execution, as required by State and University policies. The NSU policies can be found at https://businessaffairs.nsula.edu/purchasing/.

Contracts are defined as, a legally binding promise, enforceable by law, an agreement between parties, with binding legal and moral force, usually exchanging goods or services for money or other consideration, all types of agreements, regardless of what they may be called, for the procurement or disposal of supplies, services, or construction, an agreement between a contracting authority and a person or business unit to provide a good, perform a service, construct a work, or to lease real property for appropriate consideration.

The authority to execute University contracts is vested in the President of Northwestern State University; however, the President has delegated to all NSU Vice Presidents, Executive Director of University Affairs, Director, Executive Director for Economic Development, Innovation, & Outreach and NSU’s Chief Financial Officer a limited authority to execute University contracts for personal, professional, consulting and social service contracts up to $49,999 with the exception of Legal Services, Architectural Services and Auditing/Accounting Services.

The NSU Director of Purchasing is granted statutory authority to sign all purchase orders and non-professional contract agreements on behalf of the University and the Director of Purchasing has delegated limited authority to Procurement Specialists to sign requisitions and purchase orders up to $30,000.

No employee is authorized to sign contracts or agreements involving the expenditure of funds, regardless of source, or other types of contracts or agreements on behalf of the University not previously outlined. Any contract or agreement involving the expenditure of funds or the expenditure of university resources that require a signature on behalf of the University must be forwarded to the Director of Purchasing for review and receive a subsequent recommendation to request the President or Vice Presidents to sign the contract or agreement.

Please feel free to contact the NSU Purchasing Office should any questions arise by emailing purchasing@nsula.edu or 318-357-4496.


Marcus D. Jones
Northwestern State University

NOTE: Letter provided to the NPJ by a staff member of NSU.