The Popular Natchitoches Gun Show Returns for the Second Time This Year

This past weekend, over 1,000 people attended Natchitoches’ second gun show this year, held May 7-8 at the Natchitoches Events Center. The attendees had over 142 tables featuring a range of knife and firearms vendors to choose from. While firearms were clearly the main focus of the event, there was also a popular duo returning, a craft vendor who combines her business with her husband who was selling firearms, ammunition and accessories. There was also a company selling rain gutter guards.

From antique military rifles such as a 1903 Springfield, M-1 Garand and M-14 to modern rifles and pistols, there was something for every taste and need. Whether you were shopping for personal protection or a scope and new rifle to increase your chances next deer season, something was there for you at the Natchitoches Gun Show. There were also ample opportunities to learn and try out new equipment from the friendly and knowledgeable vendors.