The following Council seat is vacant due to the resignation of Mrs. Patsy Hoover effective June 23, 2022. Mrs. Hoover is the newly elected Mayor of Natchez, La.

Residents interested in serving in this temporary position until the upcoming election may apply to the Natchitoches Parish Council. The qualification for this position are as follows:

A. A council member shall be at least twenty-one years old and be an elector who has resided and Is domiciled in Natchitoches Parish and the district affected for at least one year immediately before the time to qualify for the office.

B. A council member shall continue to be legally domiciled and to actually reside within the district from which elected during the term of office. Should the legal domiciled or actual residence of a council member change from the district from which elected, unless the changed by reapportionment, the office shall automatically become vacant, which vacancy shall be filled as set out hereinafter.

You may bring your letter of interest to the Courthouse Room 213(Sheryl Frederick) or by contacting Sheryl Frederick, Parish Council Clerk, at (318) 352- 2714, Ext. 5, or by sending an email to