Word on the Street: Venues

It seems like everywhere we look on social media, there’s more wedding/event venues popping up across the country. This trend is catching on in Natchitoches.

One venue location, appropriately titled “The Venue on Front Street” will hold its grand opening next week. The street has been abuzz with anticipation on what business would open next. Formerly The Landing and Jimbo’s, there were rumors on social media that a Mexican restaurant was next in line. These rumors were quickly dispersed with the installation of vinyl on the building’s windows for a new event space featuring a classy atmosphere for concerts, weddings, rehearsal dinners, parties, and more.

While the grand opening event is by invite only, The Venue will be open to the public as of May 21, where it will serve as the jazz stage for the Natchitoches Jazz and R&B Festival.

It’ll be the new hotspot in Natchitoches, so be sure to check it out! For booking call 318-352-1579.

Word is there’s another venue in the works in the Flora area, but we’re still looking into it, so there’ll be more to come.

The old L. H. Johnson Wholesale building, located at 104 Mill Street, was purchased on May 2. We’ve heard the owners’ plans include turning the building into a wedding venue.

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