NPSO Deputy selected as Telecommunicator of the Year Recipient

On April 26, at the Louisiana Chapters APCO/NENA Symposium in Marksville, Deputy Tehseae Batiste with the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office Communications Division was announced as the recipient of the Telecommunicator of the Year award for Louisiana Chapters APCO/NENA. This award is presented to the Telecommunicator who has contributed significantly to the profession of public safety dispatching and call taking through the prior calendar year. A candidate for Telecommunicator of the year is more than a single incident; he or she is a continual example of excellence, exemplary performance on a consistent basis, substantial efforts made to better the profession through training or innovation, continual mentoring and teamwork that betters the organization.

Deputy Tehseae Batiste has shown herself to have all of these qualifications and many more.
NPSO Director of Communications LaQuita Collins and Supervisor Deputy Kimberly Green stated that Deputy Batiste is very engaging and personable; she is a genuine and skilled communicator. She has been an outstanding advocate for improvements to communication protocols between Deputy’s and Dispatch and is always looking for ways to improve her performance as well as the performance of her partners, shift Deputy’s and trainees. She clearly maintains a positive outlook no matter what the challenge of the shift is, and is dedicated to the service of the parish residents, and building a supportive work environment for her co-workers and Deputy’s she is tasked with helping to get home safely on a daily basis.

Along with being a 911 Dispatch Communicator for Natchitoches Parish, Deputy Batiste is also a wife and the mother of a very active 6 year old. She is able to balance her demanding career removing her from her home 12 hours a shift at times nightly, and then return home at 5 am where she maintains a well rounded, smart and loving child teaching him his value and worth as a young man in a not so always loving and accepting society; then returning back to her chair to do her part in the safety of the residents so they can do the same for their children. She is always motivated by her ability to help provide safety and enhancement to her community.

Deputy Batiste always goes above and beyond to make her co workers feel appreciated, and loved. She makes sure her Deputy’s know she is engaged in their life at work as well as outside of work.
There is nothing unusual in Deputy Batiste surprising someone with a baked goodie or treat, either bought or homemade, sharing her customs of her home in Belize. She has solidified her reputation among her colleagues in the agency for being highly competent in her role.

The public is most probably not thinking of a 911 Communicator when they see a deputy or firefighter at the scene of a tragic event in their life, but we are represented. The badge worn by a deputy is generally a symbol of their authority, but if you look closely it is supported by a circle around the star or shield. That is 911, that is Deputy Batiste. Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office is lucky to have Deputy Batiste helping to keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

On behalf of the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office we want to CONGRATULATE DEPUTY BATISTE on receiving TELECOMMUNICATOR of the YEAR!!!