Wednesday Morning: The Largest Bingo Game in Natchitoches Parish; 7am to 8am


In April 2022, 949 The River had over 2,800+ folks play our “4-Corner” Bingo games!

949 The River will play 4-Corner Bingo Wednesday morning between 7am and 8am 94.9 The River

Three Games, Three Jackpots and Three Winners!

In order to play, you must have a Bingo Card.   To obtain a BINGO CARD, just click this link:

Cards are LIMITED, so make sure you save the date and get in line now!

Then tune your Radio to 94.9/94.3 The River at 7AM Wednesday (tomorrow) morning.

NOTE:  4-Corner Bingo is FREE.  The first person to have a all 4-Corners marked must be the first person to call 318-581-4025 and verify their card as officially being “4-Corner Blacked Out” – will be named the winner!

There will be only ONE Winner per game and all management decisions are final.   Management reserves the right to cancel this game without notice.

Free Bingo Play comes with a Free Subscription to the NPJ and the First-in-Line to play more high dollar .FREE BINGO.