St. Mary’s student athlete wins silver at Youth Nationals Powerlifting Competition

Alyssa Waters just finished her 7th grade year at St. Mary’s Catholic School with a 4.0 overall GPA. She competed in Las Vegas for Youth Nationals on June 7. Alyssa and another athlete tied for 1st place in the Youth 3 division with a -67.5 weight class. Unfortunately, only one athlete can take home the gold. Alyssa got 2nd place and brought home the silver medal. The judges based it on who had the lowest weight. Alyssa was 66.96 kg and the other athlete was 66.34 kg. Alyssa was one of four female athletes in the Youth 3 division to go 9/9 on their lifts. Alyssa once again broke her own State Records and set new Louisiana State Records in the Youth 3 -67.5 division.

Squat: 187.25lbs
Bench: 104.50
Deadlift: 248.00