Juneteenth: The Beginning of a New Freedom

Juneteenth has emerged as the newest holiday in the United States. There are mixed messages on what is an appropriate celebration of the holiday. The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest Louisiana History Museum scheduled a Juneteenth Program for Saturday, June 18 at 2 pm. Dr. Michael T Snowden, NSU Vice President of Inclusion of Inclusion and Diversity, will present Juneteenth: The Beginning of a New Freedom, sharing his thoughts on why Juneteenth is an important American historical event. Dr. Snowden will use his dry sense of humor and clarity to explain the history of Juneteenth and its connections to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Lastly, he will impart words of wisdom on how to effectively commemorate and proactively promote the spirit and legacy of the Juneteenth celebration.

Please visit our FLASH Facebook page or call (318) 357-2492 for more information.

Free and open to the public.