Parish Council holds brief meeting on June 22

The Natchitoches Parish Council met on June 22. Parish President John Richmond’s report to the Council contained several updates. Drainage work has begun on Bermuda Road and crews are working on drainage (side and cross drain installation) from the North to the South. The Natchitoches Parish Courthouse entrance will continue to be closed intermittently as structural investigative work and maintenance is performed to address some cracking of the exterior stonework. Replacement stone has been ordered, but the vendor is experiencing supply chain delays.

Power is due to be hooked up this week for the solid waste bin site in Kisatchie, which will then be operational. The bin site in Gorum has been stalled pending approval from the Natchitoches Parish School Board for partial use of the location. The Chestnut bin site is complete with electrical hookup pending this week. An agreement has been reached with a property owner to move the current Mammy Trail bin site further off the road and to provide for a manned, fenced, and controlled bin site.

(DID NOT PASS) Approve override of the Parish President veto on the adoption of Ordinance 009-2022 to remove section 1.11 The Recording Policy from the Natchitoches Parish Personnel Manual.

Remove 350 feet from the back of the road out of the Parish road system on Sparks Road, Road #625 (total of 4,523 feet of road) – putting up a gate at the end of the road where their property starts to minimize traffic

Introduce Ordinance 013-2022 to remove Berney Hays Road from the Parish road system, Road #931 (total of 1,478 feet in District 5) – same deal

Introduce Ordinance 014-2022 to remove Felise LaCaze Road from the Parish road system, Road #751 (total of 1,285 feet in District 5) – same deal but just closing up as no one is there to watch over the property

Introduce Ordinance 016-2022 to affect a zoning change from I-A to B-3 for a food truck and commissary/cafe on a 1.31 tract of land in Cloutierville

Adopt Ordinance 010-2022 to affect a zoning change from I-A to I-2 for a compressor station on a 10-acre tract of land that’s being divided from an approximately 485 acre parent tract

Adopt Ordinance 011-2022 to affect a zoning change to request a special exception on an I-A tract of land to allow an interconnecting pipeline servitude between existing pipeline and proposed compressor station

Adopt the millage rates, which the Council chose to remain the same

Authorize the issuance of a certificate of substantial completion for the resurfacing project on Fish Hatchery Road

Authorize the Parish President to distribute a request for proposals/qualifications for engineering services related to providing updated load ratings for specified bridges in the Parish system

Advertise for bids for the resurfacing of Hart and Harmony Roads

Authorize the increase in per diem from $60 to $100 per meeting for Waterworks District 2 Board of Commissioners

Discuss and vote to add the past council chairman’s pictures to the picture board in the Council boardroom

Award bids for culverts for the Highway Department