Morning fire on J. C. Deblieux Drive

Wednesday morning, the Central Fire Station received a dispatch from the City Police reporting a structure fire on J.C. Deblieux Drive. Engines 1, Engine 3, Rescue1, Truck 1, and Chief-2, with Fire Prevention/Investigations, Fire Safety and Chief-1 were dispatched to the scene.

C-2, the first to arrive on scene, found heavy smoke coming from the roof of a single story duplex with the occupants standing outside. Engine 3 arrived on scene and connected to a hydrant and used a pre-connected hose lay to make entry into the structure and extinguish the fire.

A primary search for other occupants was conducted while firefighting operations was conducted and no other occupants were found inside. The fire was brought under control and salvage and overhaul procedures and fire cause determination began.

No further information is available at this time. No civilian or fire department injuries occurred during this emergency event.

Thanks to the City Police and The City Utility Department for their help with this emergency scene.