City of Natchitoches donates furniture to Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana received a donation of classroom furniture and storage shelves from the City of Natchitoches Early Childhood Education and Development on behalf of Amy Metoyer-Roberson, Early Childhood Coordinator and Advisory Council member for the Boys and Girls Club.

We have all heard the phrase “Sharing is Caring” and that is exactly what these programs displayed. Materials in great condition were donated to Bright Beginnings, Inc by Save the Children’s Head Start and then to the City of Natchitoches. So many programs within our community such as these are dedicated to provide high-quality education and care for all children in our community by sharing resources amongst all programs.

Materials went towards enlarging their wonderful reading area with shelves easily accessible for children and staff, storage shelves to organize wonderful educational activities and art materials.

”Although my direct job description for the City of Natchitoches is to be an advocate for Type III Childcare Centers, but by being a member of organizations such as Save the Children Policy Council and Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana Advisory Council we are able to build relationships with all programs with the same goal -meet the needs of all our children,” said Amy. “We are pleased to contribute to ALL organizations that focuses on our future by providing a safe, welcoming place for young people to gather and helping them develop their skills and drive to make a difference regardless of the program’s name.”

During the summer, an average of 60-80 students per day visit the Boys and Girls Club where they can enjoy activities based on a variety of subjects. Some of these subject areas include careers, academic, health and wellness, recreation, stem, life skills and the arts. These activities help youth combat learning loss during the summer, build character and leadership skills.

“We are grateful for the amount of support the Natchitoches community has shown the Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana-Natchitoches site. We are excited to grow the number of programs and resources the club can offer. Receiving this donation will directly affect how efficient we are at serving you. Club members were very excited to see donated materials being carried into the club,” said Coach Dee.

The organization also plans to continue to provide a sustainable program for youth here in Natchitoches. Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana is dedicated to providing youth with a safe environment to learn, develop and play.