Goldonna Baptist Church to Welcome New Pastor

If anyone had asked Ben Dupree when he was a child if he ever thought he would become the Pastor of the Goldonna Baptist Church, he would have laughed and dismissed it immediately.
Not because he never thought about the ministry. It was simply because the Pastor during his childhood was a spiritual giant in his eyes.

“Brother Doyle McGrew was my Pastor for many years and he was always so full of unobtainable wisdom,” shared Dupree.

On September 4, 2022, Goldonna Baptist Church will officially welcome Pastor Ben Dupree, his wife Kristin and sons, Reagan and Michael as full-time minister.

Ben officially surrendered to the ministry when he was in his early twenties. Since this time he was Interim Youth Minister at First Baptist Church in Winnfield, and Interim Pastor at various area churches. He was briefly ministering at Martin Baptist Church and Crews New Salem. Although he left for stretches at a time, all roads would lead him back to Goldonna Baptist Church where he was raised.

For years Dupree has always heard Goldonna Baptist Church described in two ways. They are a praying church and a church who loves each other deeply. He is very excited to begin his term as Pastor mainly because he is excited to continue teaching discipleship to anyone who will listen. His ministry is based on largely on teaching what it means to live as a Christian. Dupree and his family have always loved the community of Goldonna and have been quietly showing the love of Christ to the many people they visit with weekly.

The Goldonna Baptist Church is quickly becoming known for their vast children’s ministry that has really exploded over the summer. Being a former educator, Dupree is dedicated to reaching as many children in the area that their church can hold. The month of August has been dedicated to Vacation Bible School every Wednesday night beginning at 5:30. Once August is in the rearview mirror they will focus on Kingdom Kids that meets at 6:00 on Wednesday nights.

The Dupree families have been members of the church for many decades. Both of Pastor Dupree’s brothers and their families serve in the church as well as his mother and father. When I asked his mother, Linda Dupree, if she was proud of this accomplishment she shared, “I am proud of all of my children serving the Lord and serving the church.”

Just like every good Baptist Church, they love to get together for a meal. “Every time our church doors are open, we are feeding people. Spiritually and physically. We eat every time we are together!”, said Dupree.

If you want to visit their church Sunday School starts at 10:00 (biscuits and sausage are normally ready at 9:30), Sunday Service starts at 10:00, and Wednesday is kids night that begins at 6:00 (when it is not VBS time).

The Goldonna Assembly of God Church will hold a revival starting September 2nd through September 8th.

Sept 2nd, 3rd & 4th- Gerald Crabb
Sept 5th – Dr. Al Harris and Praise Team
Sept 6th – Kerry McNaughton & AOG Praise Team
Sept 7th – Todd Gregory & The McClanahans
Sept 8th – Tim Higdon & Praise Team

As you can see there is always something wonderful going on in the hills of Goldonna. Christmas in the Park is gearing up and still needing volunteers for this jolly ole festival. Please contact Mayor Smith if you would like to be on the committee.

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