Village of Natchez suspends use of hidden traffic cameras

Mayor Patsy Ward Hoover has ceased operation of speeding cameras in the Village of Natchez. Motorists, who were getting 3-4 tickets per day, complained that ticket system operators hide in plain clothes to catch people speeding, even in areas where there is no speed limit posted. The cameras haven’t been operational in a month now. These are civil tickets handed out by a private company and they can’t hold up in court like a state mandated ticket would. The Natchez Council will vote on Sept. 1 on whether they want to keep the camera ticket system. Hoover said she has no interest in signing a contract renewal.

Hoover also said she’s not willing to take the chance of losing the money that goes into the Natchez community from the traffic to the Dollar General by allowing the camera ticket system to cause motorists to avoid the area.