Addy Reynolds

Abby Reynolds, the granddaughter of Edwin and Lola Donahue,  attended First Baptist Church in Natchitoches during Vacation Bible School and fell in love with Operation Christmas Child when she was eleven years of age.  She made items, made and packed shoeboxes, and learned the importance of the shoe boxes.  Operation Christmas Child is a ministry that sends millions of gifts to children around the world to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Abby the following year for her 12th birthday asked friends to bring presents that were items that could be packed in shoeboxes like stuffed animals, toys, balls, toiletries, school supplies, clothing, and shoes.  Abby and her friends packed 50 shoeboxes.

 Last year Abby, at age 13, packed 66 shoeboxes on her own and this year Abby’s goal is 75 packed shoeboxes.  At age 13, Abby organizes the collection of shoeboxes for her church, Oak Grove Baptist Church in Church Spring, Texas which has an average attendance of 300.  They collected nearly three hundred shoeboxes last year.

One of the churches in Waco, Texas has asked Abby to organize the collection of shoeboxes with the youth of their church.  This church collects over 2000 shoeboxes.

Abby was featured in the magazine “Girls Like You” in Jan/Feb 2022.  She stated that she enjoyed packing shoeboxes so much she would love to continue to pack shoeboxes throughout her lifetime.  Abby knows the importance of sharing the Gospel throughout the world using a shoebox.  

Abby’s challenge is for everyone to pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

For more information about the ministry contact Brenda Ingram, Logistics Coordinator, 318-471-9415.