Fire Department 6 complete hose tests, support training

Did you know that Natchitoches Parish Fire District 6 has roughly 20,000 feet of hose in service? That’s almost 4 miles of hose!

The final trucks of NPFD6 annual hose testing were tested on Aug. 27. Every piece of hose in service and in reserve is tested annually to ensure that it meets the pressure specifications of NFPA standards. Couplings and hose jackets are examined for wear and each piece of hose is logged and inventoried. It is necessary to remove every piece of attack line and supply line off of every apparatus for testing. This provides a great opportunity for members to refresh hose handling, hose lays and hose loading skills.

NPFD6 members also participated in support training. Training included hands-on exercises that allowed members to practice vital skills used on the fire ground such as proper equipment staging, SCBA use and maintenance, scene size-up and scene awareness and safety. Each NPFD6 member has a critical role on a scene that ensures the department is able to work effectively and efficiently.