Provencal School is encouraging Health

Provencal is proud to be a Tobacco-Free Campus. Through a Healthy Behaviors Program Grant from The Rapides Foundation, the American Heart Association provided Provencal with new signage for the campus.

Provencal Elementary Junior High provides opportunities for students to be healthy, like daily participation by students in a PE class.

This week, Piper Sanders came up with a rap to remind students to drink water on Water Wednesday. The Youth Health Advocate Club is up and rolling for students to help promote their healthy way of living and those students will attend the Youth Summit on Healthy Behaviors in October.

Some Provencal students will also participate during the school year in “CATCH My Breath,” a vape prevention curriculum. Provencal Panthers are striving to be healthy.

Pictured: Coach Poe Coordinator, Student Alan Dickson, and Leslie Brown Rapides Foundation School Coordinator.