Second Whataburger location coming to Natchitoches at I-49

Whataburger Franchisee Chris Johnson confirmed that a second Whataburger location is coming to Natchitoches at the I-49 corridor. Johnson said he’s been looking at bringing the burger chain to Natchitoches for over 10 years and the original plan was to build the interstate location first.

When he found out about the economic development project happening with Hobby Lobby on Keyser Avenue, he jumped at the opportunity.

The new location will be the first interstate location for Johnson’s franchise group. The numbers and studies with traffic flow suggest it will be a very successful location. It’s scheduled to open the first or second week of November.

Both Whataburgers in Natchitoches will operate 24/7, but the interstate location will feature a smaller dining room with digital kiosks inside for ordering and digital menu boards instead of the static menu boards like the ones at the Keyser restaurant.