City of Natchitoches Early Childhood Education & Development attends NSU Career Fair

At the Northwestern State University Career Fair on September 7, 2022, multiple applications from NSU Students aspiring to work within a Type III Child Care centers were submitted to the City of Natchitoches Early Childhood Education and Development.

“This year we were able to offer a unique opportunity for students to apply for as many of the nine Type III Child Care Centers by using ONE online application.” said Early Childhood Coordinator, Amy Metoyer-Roberson. “Once completed the one application was sent to all selected centers. This collaboration prevented Center Owners/Directors from stopping their daily requirements within the center and prevented applicants from traveling across the parish to complete multiple applications. The applications are able to remain on file with the City for a year, in which students can be called upon if additional positions, internships, and/or volunteer work becomes available.”

“We were looking for students that are self-motivated, hardworking and want to be in a rewarding career. The first question every student was asked was “Do you have a passion for working with children some of which are under the age of five?” Local Centers need employees but deserve individuals that can provide high-quality education and care to the students. Child Care is not babysitting, and this was made very clear to all potential applicants. We’re interested in building the workforce for Child Care because Early Childhood Educators are so important to our community, and we want to support them as much as we can.” City of Natchitoches, Administrative Assistant Azizah Hamilton stated.

With great success over 20 applications were collected, applicants began receiving calls immediately from Child Care Directors/Owners to set up interviews and with great joy the City was able to process the first background check on a potential hire within 24 hours of the Fair.

For those interested in Early Childhood employment, internships, and/or volunteer hours please visit; click Careers and apply online.

You can also reach out to Amy Metoyer-Roberson at for more information.