Insurance red-tape hinders return to work – A Call for Assistance

My name is Shannon Tucker. My husband, Max Tucker and our daughter Kimberlie have lived in Natchitoches, LA for 15 years. We have a home here, a business and we have toiled in the service of others.


Now we are faced with the stark reality of losing our home and business due to a knee injury that has left Max laid up and in excruciating pain.

Our business, Nakatosh Tattoo Co. has been in operation since 2011. This October 30th, my birthday, will be 11 years in the historic district of Natchitoches. This shop maintains all industry best practices and the highest standards of cleanliness to provide the safest, most enjoyable experience for its clients. Max has not tattooed since June 19th due only in part to the pain he was in. He also knew that putting a tattoo on a person while he was not at his best would result in an unacceptable level of risk for himself, the client, and the quality of the work. We believed that a solution to Max’s injury, physical therapy or surgery, etc. would be right around the corner.

We were wrong.

A surgery date was finally chosen just a week ago for the 20th of September. The heart doctor cleared Max for surgery. The nurses took him through the preoperative testing and paperwork. This morning, however, we received notice that surgery has been denied through the insurance. Deemed “medically unnecessary”. 

The appeals process takes about a month. This is time that we don’t have. 
I am employed as an AmeriCorps VISTA, that is “Volunteers In Service To America”. While this work is very rewarding and an opportunity to help people, I don’t make very much money as a VISTA. 
I have set up a gofundme page. I hope that you might share it in whatever way you can. 
Anything that may be done to help will be appreciated!


Any questions or information needed, please contact Shannon Tucker at (318) 609-1932. 
Thank you!
Shannon Tucker