When Teaching Is Your World

By Lesa Thompson

The day started off with an extra special touch of sweetness on Aug. 16 at Goldonna Elementary and Junior High School as social studies and science teacher Ms. Kaylee Antilley was presented with a beautiful apple covered with blue icing to represent the oceans and dark blue outlines of the seven continents.

The bearer of this tremendous labor of love was fabulous 5th grader Mackenzie Dodge.

“Ms. Antilley’s my science teacher, and she’s very nice!” Dodge exclaimed.

Antilley is currently teaching her students about the oceans and continents, so Dodge’s gift is more than just a show of appreciation; it’s also an extension of her learning.

Teachers appreciate every show of love and appreciation for their hard work and dedication to student achievement.

“This has made my whole day!” Antilley declared.

The school year is off to a great start at Goldonna!