Kelli Sutton top Picker


Kelli Sutton was the winner of $250 in the Natchitoches Parish Journal College Football Pick ‘Em Contest. Congratulations!

Kelli picked 6 of 10 in week five.  With 11 folks having 6 of 10, the tiebreaker was used and Kelli prevailed.

Now there’s another $250 prize on the line.  You have until Friday afternoon at 4 to enter this week’s contest. Anyone has the chance to win the $250 prize as the week’s top predictor of college football games.

Participation is very simple for anyone able to access this link:

The Pick ‘Em portal opens to a menu of game-by-game matchups, with an easy click to pick winning teams for each contest. Two games will be used as tiebreakers, with participants predicting the total points scored in those games.

You can finish faster than the time it takes you to read this story from start to finish!

Entries are open now to predict winners this week.

Every participant will receive a FREE Journal subscription if you’re not already signed up for the easily-navigated, convenient 6:55 a.m. daily e-mail.